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Designed for a retired couple who wanted a low maintenance garden that would allow  them to sit out and enjoy  the afternoon sunshine.

This was an overlooked sloping site with compacted clay soil and an unsightly oil tank behind a large garage that dominated the view.

My solution was to create a courtyard garden on two levels, with a seating area in the sunniest corner. A hardwood pergola provides an element of height making the garden appear more spacious. Trellis panels add interest to the garage wall, provide privacy and screen the oil tank. A stone feature and architectural planting create a stunning focal point  whilst a carefully positioned mirror creates the illusion of depth.

The end result is a low maintenance garden that suits the clients needs exactly, a private area catches the sun throughout the day. The garden as a whole appears bright, open and a lot larger than before.

"The garden is just great, sitting out in the sun is so relaxing. Thank you so much” Sally.

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