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This garden was designed for a couple with two children who wanted some privacy from the surrounding houses. The design was to  be as spacious as possible and allow for regular entertaining. The site was small, had a steep cross fall and had to allow for the building of a new extension.

To overcome the slope i designed a terraced garden with a strong diagonal line to open up the space as much as possible. This allowed for two seating areas linked by a circulatory path creating views and vistas from various points in the garden. A pergola was used to provide a sense of privacy whilst steps allowed access to different levels, and encouraged the user to journey through the garden stopping to appreciate plants and views en route.

“We are absolutely amazed at how you envisioned this garden at the start when it was just a slope”

“We really appreciate Richards skill in seeing what was possible  and  enjoy using the spaces created, the children love running round the path”  Rachel

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